someone’s child lyrics – carolina rain

a spandex dress and fishnet hose
in the pouring rain it was bitter cold
they found her there lying in the street
where she’d been turning tricks since seventeen
and no one knew her name
no one gave a second thought when they put her in a county grave

she was someone’s child, a precious miracle
she made someone smile, born beautiful
even though she heard a different drum
and walked a different mile
she was someone’s child

shady schemes and crooked deals
he would tell you lies with nerves of steel
it’s just white collar crime no one gets hurt
he says if you’re that dumb it’s just what you deserve
now he can’t stand the smell
or the light that’s always on in his eight by ten foot cell

they stripped him bare and beat him down
and gifted him with a th*rny crown
who was this man this rebelious jew
who died for me, who died for you

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