sodomy lyrics – inhumate

if you look back to the great show that is history
you can see that man was always interested in sodomy

this s*xual act is forbidden by the catholic religion
because it is designed as an impure act
which would bring man down to the rank of animals
but the fact is that i rarely have heard
about animals which were practising sodomy
and if it exists, i don’t think that
animals have pleasure to do it

i think that the attract that can do sodomy is more the fact of human being
the perversity a person that accepts to be sodomised needs,
gives pleasure to both partners.
the intensity of the pleasure they can feel is perhaps due to the fact of forbiddeness,
so thanks to you, our holy church, for this wonderful pleasure!

dear audience, that was doktor k.’s conference about sodomy.
i hope you enjoyed it and that it incited you to explore new pleasures.
s*x is important in life because it’s one of the only thing in which
you forged everything while you are doing it and such things are really rare!


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