smiles tears and chaos lyrics – mist

today i woke up late, but not enough
don’t wanna feel i’m on the wrong way anymore
today i saw things happens from the window
i’ve got a nasty soul the devil would love to take to

today i took off all my masks
and met the world face to face
i took off my getaway shoes
‘cos there’s no place to go
i’ve got the time on my side

and then?
do something new
sh*t! do what ya got or so give up
there’s nothing wrong if you *ssume your lack of talent

i ain’t got the truth at hand to show you
mr.mist left a sign on my brown
he said
go and be on your way

i run
sometimes i walk barefoot on pins’n needles
i run
i’ll run’till i drop dead

i’m the rust in the gearing
i can’t take your son from napalm’s arms
but i can wipe away your tears of pain

this is what i see through my dark gl*sses
take my hand but this time do not cry
i may be in heaven or in el salvador

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