small talk lyrics – citizen fish

vacancy- room to let/any dumb ideas in to this empty head/”gospel, man!”-
don’t quote me please/it was the first thing i thought/but now it’s been said/
and you’ll lead the conversations that lie ahead/by the empty phrases by
which you’re led/do you know what i heard the other night?/guess wehat so –
and – so said to me/the majority of ears were only being polite/couldn’t be
bothered to disagree/a social distance set/by a liking of something hard to
forget/a need to remeber and recognise/and inspiration that over-rides/any
hesitation or compromise/not relying on dubious facts in diguise/what you
eargerly collect/and subsequently resurrect/from aquaintancesa and t.v. set/
falls on distant ears/but when you tell it like it is/from your own ideas and
what they give/we’re all involved in the way you live/and the disatnce diss-

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