slutman city lyrics – gwar

i have traveled many miles
and i have wiped away many smiles
i’ve come from my icy pit
just to rub your face in sh*t

sl*tman city, life without shame
sl*tman city, so much flesh to maim

we grant you sweet release from your useless life
of your heart i’ll have a piece impaled on my knife
your world to rape, your life sucked dry
the purity of wisdom, a withered husk, flies thrive

human race now rules the earth
but i tell you you’re not the first
your cities built on corpses, you best beware
your towers will crumble as did theirs

sl*tman city, pimples on my b*tt
sl*tman city, b*st**l necrophiliacs busting nuts

your world is doomed, you wonder why
you bleed her daily and now flies thrive
you wanna do drugs, own expensive rugs?
with much aplomb, you’ll watch me rape your mom
i’ll rape your mom

tattered millions bathe in hate
tons of junk and crack to take
teenage girls to eviscerate
gorged out eyeb*lls, gonna vomit on your plate

sl*tman city
sl*tman city

we m*st*rb*t* and we create
the human race, the sp*wn of apes
we rape and kill, until we’re done
you ask me why because we call it fun
you know it’s fun

so much fun
hey, man

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