slowly in the west lyrics – boz scaggs

there was n*body left
just a burnt out
nothing had been done

it was hard to believe
we had started out that morning having fun

but with people always
running through walls
like they didn’t even see them there at all

got so tangled, thanks again
for your moonlight generousness
left me stranded
slowly in the west

don’t worry mama
your sweet daughter
gotta live inside this mess

though i tried to protect her
cool her, ease her restlessness

got so used to the sound
of pearl guns
didn’t mean to do her any harm

got so tangled
please forgive me for my
for my constant uselessness

got me stranded
slowly in the west

let me loose, let me hear the sound
of someone through the maze
take me there, i don’t care, anywhere
it’s all the same

so honey don’t hold your breath
you may never get to feel this way again
she was crying when she left

lying to you now
about the pain
our baby can’t be gotten back
from war

was an end to a madness
i’ve been told
got so tangled

please just show me
to the ending
forget the rest

got me stranded
slowly in the west

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