slow lyrics – def manic

[verse 1]

d*mn, so f*cken high up i can barely see my face,
what am i doing here man i don’t know this place,
i don’t give a f*ck, do you give a f*ck?
nah f*ck it bruh we just gon’ keep on smoking up,
we in the cinema, busting out cameras,
getting high and i don’t give a f*ck about pamela,
i already told her twice, i already told her twice that
that i came up once and i came up twice and i just
really wanna get high,
got this feeling it’s amazing and it’s all wavy,
head full of green really strong gravy baby,
maybe i’m insane crazy or just meth’s baby,
whatever it is i’ve been feeling so good lately,
man my thoughts are hazy and my actions real lazy,
it’s quite compelling, i don’t even know whos yelling,
it’s my scattered thoughts all up in this big cloud,
man i think it’s time for me to finally p*ss out.

[chorus x2]
wow, we so high, we so high above the cloud,
get my paper up and let me just break it down,
time is slow, slow, what the f*ck is time?
time is slow, slow, man what is time?

[verse 2]
man, the f*cked up thing is that i’m really feeling
got the munchies now i really f*cken need this plate,
full of good food, in the f*cken right mood, about to
get out real soon, in my own d*mn room,
f*ck this homeroom i was always high for this,
every morning wake and bake, not knowing where the f*ck
she is,
just wanted an answer b*tch, you f*cking with the
the joint that you smoked last night got you so high
you remember it?
it’s f*cked up 3 am and i’m a real visionary, sh*t is
scary, very spooky like its pictionary,
ain’t no dictionary tryna define my life,
scary if you go out there and get a real wife,
oh, you really high and i can see your eyes red,
you not an actor so don’t even try and pretend,
you came home last night and then you got caught again,
that’s the third time this week man you need a friend,
it’s just the life of a lonely stoner i guess,
we stop smoking, start drinking then you undress,
just like that i got you in my f*cken love nest,
can’t believe it happened like that now i need rest.

[chorus x2]

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