siege in the clouds lyrics – internal bleeding

living below ground existing in fear
hours of madness the ending draws near
h*llish inferno of fire and steel
seventy-seven days of the unreal

siege in the clouds – withstanding
unending days of h*ll
siege in the clouds – surviving
beneath the mud i dwell
siege in the clouds – i’m longing
for this to end i cry
siege in the clouds – no warning
when the next soul will die

misery and death
amongst human trash
await my last breath
in my mud-filled world
eats away at me
as rats gnaw my flesh
maggots dance macabre
on the friends who fell, fell…

with each day comes a loss of will
why must i live among the killed

friends who’ve gone – are the lucky ones
those who live – just await their death
does it end? will i die this way?
must i want to draw my last breath

forget me – write me off – i am gone
end it all – stop the pain – i want out
friends all gone – torn to shreds – before my eyes
please god why must i be in this misery?
misty days – ice cold nights – living h*ll
hatred tears – as it burns – through soft flesh
pray for food – cry for drink – gasp for air
in my home – deep below – the vile – stinking earth


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