shroud of secrecy lyrics – ritual carnage

a million horrors scream abhorrent, from their shallow
blood frenzied warriors, human slaughter, the weaker
foe erased
imperial oppression, colonial possession, fuels the
divinity’s decadence, their world in chaos, divine
bitter sweet victory, no regard for humanity, forgotten
history, under a shroud of secrecy
the war machine screams at full throttle, awakening the
steel forget for m*ss consumption, churning out the
the wings of death fly over head, the dragon strikes
gleaming swords rip through the wind, emperor’s
soldiers of the throne

brokered conspiracy to cover up the past, fragile
history littered with broken gl*ss
expose the truth, don’t hide behind lies, time doesn’t
heal those hideous crimes

experimental human testing, unit 731
pathogens, bacteria, germs, bodies soon succ*mb
limbs are frozen, bones are shattered, the smell of
dburning flesh
reprehensive laboratory, butchers of innocence
tojo’s will, once blessed to conquer, doomed and cursed
to fail
*rs*nal of divine power, steel showers and lethal hail
violated, coerced to fight, senseless sacrifice
souls are buried, stones left unturned, purgatory’s
bitter sweet end, displaced souls will never amends,
forgotten crimes, a shroud of secrecy of

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