she’s gone lyrics – black sabbath

i’ve been a long,long time
waiting for you
i didn’t want to see you gone, oh, no, no!
and now it’s hurting so much
what can i do?
i wanted you to be my wife.
the days are p*ssing slowly
since you’ve gone
your memories are all i have
yes, i have
i sit here waiting but
you’ll never show
without you i can’t carry on
ooh, my baby!
you said you’d always love me
all of my life!
and then you said your last ‘good-bye’,
yes, ‘good-bye’
why the sudden changes,
why all of the lies
i should have seen it in your eyes?
the endless hours of heartache
waiting for you
my summer love has turned to rain
oh, the pain
the silent emptiness
of one-sided love
my life means nothing now you’re gone!
ooh, my baby!

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