she who has all lyrics – original broadway cast

so it was a man!
nothing but a man!
kept the girl alive
jailed as she’s been
year after year, duty undone
torn from her home
taken from her people
her son

she has lost her ships
been denied the sea
she should be destroyed
fallen to her knees
crying for light
gasping for breath
pleading her dire case
praying for life
settling for death
begging for my grace

i the queen
she the knave, as it were
tell me why is it then
it’s i who envy her?

what does she have i don’t have?
what does she know i don’t know?
i who have all
i have nothing compared
to the dreams she holds fast in her heart…
ever so

what can i do i don’t do?
what can i bear i don’t bear?
chained in a cell, stripped of all that i’ve known
in my heart, in my hope
i have more
than is there

i will carry on!
i will not bow down to them!
i will survive for the day
when i see once more
both the man i love
and the child i bore

i who have naught, i have all…

i who have all, i have naught…

i standing humbled and small…

i who hold nations in thrall…

all that i’ve lived

only now do i see
that a woman in love,
it is she, who has all

all that i’ve lived
only now do i see
that a woman in love,
it is she, who has all.

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