she likes tans lyrics – butlers

there once was a little girl
who didn’t know much about the real world
she came from a town way up north
she didn’t dig those pale guys no more
she’d been watching the big screen
seen those southern boys so tan and lean
didn’t go for those boys on the beach
she wants a real tan and something to teach
she likes tans
she likes tans
she likes tans
yeah she does
so she got on that big highway
and headed down to the lone star state
her friends thought she was out of her mind
but she knew that in texas she would find…
those california boys, they have a few quirks
and those florida boys are a bunch of jerks
it may sound crazy but it’s not a crime
those texas boys are prime
and she’s going to stay
(gonna stay)
goodbye to pale boys of yesterday
she’s got what she needs
(what she needs)
now that she’s free
(now that she’s free)
she’s found herself a texas man
who is wearing a deep dark tan

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