she came out in chunks lyrics – broken hope

she concealed such a horror, her beauty mislead,
outside such a woman, yet inside she was dead.

we kissed and touched heavily, our p*ssion grew hot,
seconds later between her legs i began to finger rot.
my digits swam inside her collapsing v*g*n*l walls,
moaning with sick ecstasy, she caressed my shrunken b*lls.
i pushed so deep inside, slightly past my wrist,
my hand pulled out ovaries, and uterus wrapped my fist.
she came out in chunks,
rotting v*g*n*l hunks,
genital retroplasia obvious,
pathognomic traits severely leperous.

as i rubbed her cl*toris, it ripped from it’s hood,
madly trying to put it back did no godd*mn good.
i finished her masturbation, she now had such a gap,
blood, crumbled man’s pubis lay splattered on her lap.
perenium dehiscence joins v*g*n* and *n*s into rectocele,
advanced hansen’s disease of pudendum, pubis tissues peel,
tissue cells in genitalia totally degenerated,
painless breakage of pubic flesh and nerves deteriorated.

discharging putrefied matter in a dead menstrual flow,
where the pathogenesis began no one will know.
a bacterium hybrid of gangrene and leprosy,
organs prolapse as the disease continues it’s spree.
she giggles as her rotten hymen breaks,
horribly, entire v*g*n*l cavity disintegrates.
female organ structures in decomposing states,
this shall be the last of my blind dates.
i spread her withered l*b**s, they split, ripped and broke,
douching internal mortis, on gangrenous feminine odor i choke.
i peeled back her pubis and hair, it tore in such a way,
if trimmed proper it would make a revolting toupe
genital breakage by a simple touch or wipe,
pustules from internal, she’s sickenly ripe.
reproductive organs in complete mortification,
from cl*t to birth c*n*l in total retrogression.

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