shameful pride lyrics – a.tone da priest

i know you’re here for me, if only for the moment
exactly as i need you, open mind, no condolence
i find solace in this comfort, pure aggression
drains my body every time as the stressing starts to lessen
feel me? i get a rise from this excitement
between me and you, you’re the only one invited
despite the hollowness of dollars i’m full of what i need
a valueless souls full attention, distracted cause it’s free
don’t envy me, i’m empty too the pains what i’m believing
makin it your job to make me god provide me some new peace
so relieving that you’re leaving me right after dues are paid
it brings me shameful pride to ask you but i wonder can you stay
can you stay, just for the moment?
i need you here, although i’m better off alone it’s crazy (2x)
(verse 2)
i’m feeling so low i’m lifted, this temporary high
got me lost and conflicted, i’m treading through the sky
just you and i, don’t resist it erase the protocol
the epitome of error, proof there isn’t one for all
but all for many, you give me plenty; you think i give you more
were all losing, this allusion that we better offs a wh*r*
and a bore, i’ll close my eyes and let you do all the work
surf the tides back up to sh*r*, my self-esteem the outskirts
what is worth, what you asking for, what i need is just a fraction
acting first, an endless curse manifests our interaction
heartless p*ssion, engaged in a recipe for pain
i’m the catalyst the advocate of mental prideful shame

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