shake lyrics – walk off the earth

it’s getting darker, darker than a coal mine
i’m feeling broken, broken like the street lines
so what about it, maybe we should get high
cause all i need is the temporary sunlight
a remedy to take away the pain

you gotta shake, shake, shake it outta me!
we gotta f*ck with the laws of gravity!
you gotta shake, shake… shake it out of me
oh oh ohhh shake!

i’m sinking deeper, faster than an anchor
i’m moving slower, crawling like a cancer
if i could cut through, graceful like a dancer
i’d find the core and strike it with a hammer

a panacea, take away the pain
when i see the sun, when i see the sun
that’ll be the day, the darkness goes away
i gotta run this rage right outta me!

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