shadows in my mind lyrics – defyance

alone or so it seemed
i saw a shadow cross the room
i turned to look in the darkness
nothings there was it in my mind

time has past since you left our world
but the memory still remains
along with all the sadness
along with all the pain

are you there
or an angel that’s been sent to guard
guide my hand
keep me safe
be footprints in the sand

shadows in my mind
the stars that come at night
shadows in my mind
have you never left my side

(chorus ii)
remember like yesterday
hopes we shared as we
chased down all our dreams
within our reach so very real
can it be life’s so unkind

still standing there in my mind
alone i wave goodbye
i have no more tears to cry
the rain has ceased to fall

there you stood
glory seeker that’d been built for speed
one with your machine
now just a silent scream

(chorus ii)

(chorus ii)

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