shade lyrics – ignite

i found your holes today,
your spots made my way,
i know what i can’t do,
so i swear today i’m gonna walk away.

i’ll walk away
so many times.
i have felt, but it stood,
so strong to break.
i’m through woth what i have here,
but it feels so safe.

feels like
i’ve broken what i have,
but i can’t let it go.
i feel it slipping, just let it go,
i feel it slipping, i can’t let go.

opposites fly in my head,
i see it, but i can’t let it go,
and these voices are flying
where do i let them go.

feel it,
i’ll squeeze this day until it bleeds,
i’ll never let it go.
i’ll bring us both down,
i’ll bring us both down,
why can’t you walk away?

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