serial infanticide lyrics – blood

look out
he follows you, follows gentle
took his might from your blood
guarded at your homedoor
as a child you felt his greed
behind stack and darkened doors – he could be
slipping in shadows on and on – he is teacherous
is it an animal?
dust over the bay
is it him?
darkman behind the tree
now he got you – now you are wreck and slave!
no vanity fight – you feel the razor as it cuts your vein
this tower will kill you – the serial infanticide
covered with glory – blissful
only one look – you feel like a worm
you shrink, the door is closed – no escape
you shreak with pain
you have words – he is deaf
his eyes shine glowing fire
fight and pain is true real
drop-shaped blood you hardly feel
his black work like a shredder

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