selfish lyrics – innpeach

(pt lauren)
selfishness means that i´m ok when you´re ok, ha ha!
i don´t matter, i don´t really do
a brief recess would be good, i know i can´t believe
that matter that fits the shoe
just don´t talk about things that i don´t really wanna see at all
no , i don´t wanna go out , though i don´t really wanna be a bore
so stop and look around , do you see?
what you see is all for me
not everything is your fault , but you don´t know it
so don´t get caught
take a peak at what i show
take your time i think you´ll know
my little dream , the silly thought
how could you know it, man , don´t get caught
i´m up with the crazy girl who shakes and hides her ace
i´m badder than you know
it´s outrageous , that i know i can do everything with pride
get fatter , so it´ll show
that i don´t give a sh*t and i don´t really have to be a man
no i don´t wanna grow up , i don´t really have to take a stand

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