second song lyrics – assembly of dust

the second song came softly
he heard it seeping through the vent
the notes were long and languished
they described their circ*mstance
the rent was halfway spent
the day was peeling hot
she asked, “can we leave this place?”
he answered, “probably not.”

(chorus) they had less than they guessed but more than they knew
that second song was the best they could do
and all of the while there were two: one eyed green and one eyed blue

they came from somewhere simple
a place too plain to be described
she found her own dimensions
ran like the color of her eyes
she looked with one eye green
and one eye cobalt blue
he looked right back at them
and shivered through and through


he heard his name ring hollow as it sputtered from her mouth
he heard the door frame shudder as she shuttled from the house
she left one green eyed child and one with cobalt blue
he held them close at hand and wondered what he would do


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