screams of anguish lyrics – brutality

melting faces swirfing souls
man chained to wall of doom
eyes stare as gloom surrounds
twisted world of agony
destination unknown – lost universe
through complex and convulted pathways – time eludes

reoccurrences of taunting revelations
scratching frantically to escape – world of torment
state of confusion – filled with dread
hateful images

mind seduced in hypnotic trance
pleads for eternal life – all will fail
disenchanted agonisingly torn
pain grips apathetically
wounds drain – carc*ss has been devoured
chaos breeds – xenophobic thoughts emerge
ravaged land – amidst destruction
antic*p*tes the end

harsh enslavement – striking with force
explosion smashes – penetrating – heavily engulfed
punished and shrivelled – final attempt
saddening pity violence erupting – in vicious display

extreme power decimates
all exist deceiving
subconscious fear
task never-ending
throughout this dream
distorted perception
controls the mind
hostility surmounts

trapped in a frightening maze
twisting th*rns gouge
desensitised – vortex opened
silhouettes of shadows p*ss
consumed by fog and mist
scared reality
life remains depressing

lost in a place

you will not find

/ brutality lyrics