scene scenery lyrics – leng tch’e

what a vicious lucrative masquerade serving up compliments and bullsh*t, an idolated friend-foe policy honesty is a burden in this scenery
whatever happened to be yourself?
whatever happened to “speak your mind’?
whatever happened to “spit your piece”?
when did music turn into politics?
a two-faced b*tch – standing on the side feeding & breeding on a pool of lies, a fashion victim begging for a chance
the time has come to end the scenery, the time has come to end the politics, drop the antics and get up to date
compet*tive bullsh*t: scene scenery
what’s the point of being two-faced?
what’s the point of fake compliments?
where did criticism get traded for c*cksucking & a bribe?
your existence is a waste of breath and time
scene scenery, the time has come to end the scenery
compet*tive bullsh*t: scene scenery

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