say goodnight lyrics – bullet for my valentine

[solo – tuck]

heaven’s waiting for you
just close your eyes and say goodbye
hearing your pulse go on and on and on…

i live my life in misery
i’d sacrifice this world to hold you
no breath left inside of me
shattered gl*ss keeps falling

say goodnight
just sleep tight
say goodnight…

[solo – padget]

flowers laid out for you
so many colours leave me blind
seeing your face reflect from our baby’s eyes


[mosh (x2)]
so here i am! you’re inside of me!
so here i am! our world is over!

here i am with you!
i’m there till the end!
memories are calling!
so farewell, my friend
(farewell, my friend!)

[duet – padget / tuck]


my friend! [x3]

/ bullet for my valentine lyrics