savia lyrics – soen

i am not aware of all the reasons
i am not deciding the results
sanctioned through the principles
autonomously blessed
moving close to get a clearer view
mystery’s the key to all religion
power is the key to every war
time has taught me not to wait
what is mine i’ll take
eons of our past won’t be returned
i was there to recognise the victim
cold and dry another has been killed
blundered by the greed of man
aftermath descends
our time is slotting out of reach
i don’t even want to try
to become the one
that will save your halo
everything that i deny
every time that i lied
aware of our failure
i’m not gonna follow your decision
it is the position i retain
everything once born will end
ushers be our name
bury me to set me free of shame
this is not the dust that we once came from
what we are is how we will return
the sun is punishing our land
salt turns into sand
what we had in common has been cursed
i try not to hear
the guilt fading in me
you are the sign
harvesting what is not yours
soon won’t be there any more
there’s a new day
what we should share is noticed
what we inherited
the erasure of a life
once so vital
now dissected and dry
throw the first stone
then hide your hand
while pursuing your dream
poisoning the essence of it all
i don’t even want to try
to become the one
that will save your halo

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