satan youth (and on the other hand) lyrics – inbred

satan youth on the march
m*sses in the graveyard in the dark
m*sses of *sses play a different game
but they’re kneeling just the same…
need someone to make decisions for you
worship is the same no matter who you bow to
you can’t have one without the other
flip side of the coin but both are masters…
just because you don’t believe in god
dosen’t mean you believe in the devil
i don’t worship god – i don’t worship the devil
i don’t worship anybody!!!
rock stars with their evil pose
fiery clothes spiked leather clothes
you follow ’em ’cause you think
they’re p*wns of satan
but even they don’t believe it
and you get taken!
to you the grave is just another playpen
instead of the hole that you’ll wind up in
you can’t take responsibility
for your own life and what you can be
you think you’re tearing down the gates
but you’re just like the ones you hate
night becomes the same as day
when you give control of your mind away!
want someone to make decisions for you
you say you’ve lost faith in the old order
but you still need someone there
to give you orders…
m*ss is m*ss is an *ss is an *ssis a *sses
en m*sse…
and a black sheep, by any other name, is still a sheep!

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