sands of sheol lyrics – avatar

with fire and sword, with water and dagger
with the *ssistance of thunder and rain
with the open sky above i concieve
with the blood and with pride i unchain…

into spirals coiled his wisdom
venture forth the maskim ways
under the sign of the foremost lord
tread the sands of the farthest sh*r*!
…the farthest sh*r*!

his will penetrating the essence of my being
his dream of dark majesty i share
…i share!… i share!
chanting… chanting… forevermore!

like a tree, chained to the earth
but always reaching for the stars
through the sands of sheol bleeding i crawl
and i know that i’ll reach the sea…
and his breath raving, tearing at me
pulling me down it compels me to kneel

cold steel embrace, shivering kiss of god
stripped naked i lie feeling old, so old
from beginning to end i witness
the names of the dead
enter me…

a morning breeze blows through my hair
i face the day but in my heart i see
the sands take their rise to bury and darken
the land of ra! the land of ra!

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