salvation in the city of angels lyrics – underlined

young man where did you go?
to the promise lands we’d never know
your savior’s here, here to show
what lies ahead in these feilds
a seed that could never grow
you helped the blind sheep find their way
to a faithless death in vain

this crown of th*rns wont help you now
these nails drive through your flesh
keep you bound
to a dream you could never achieve
on a cross of lost memories
to a book of lies from an innocent time
signed in the blood of mortal enemies

now rest your head, embrace your death
listen to no reason or you will be mislead
where have you gone with your wine and your bread
as the vultures feast off the top of your head
we offer this sacrifice in the names of the d*mned

sickness endowed, breaking me down for you
we rise as a judas creation, i will not be mislead
the death in my lungs, we have begun to decay
we feed on a failing kind, salvation in the city of

you took the only thing that ever really mattered to me
threw it all away for your personal gain
you’re a murderer of cl*ss, affection, culture and love
a liar a disaster and a black hearted wh*r*
you claim that you’re sorry, that you wish didnt ruin
well too late, you did, now its time to face the facts
you threw our family, sobriety, our future to now
right down the drain and f*cking moved on some how

i’ll see you live in torment
ill prove your intentions are worthless
i’ll be your end of days
i will overcome everything

bring forth this casualty, for i will sacrifice
bring forth this vile creation, for i am the seventh

breaking down these desolate walls, that you create
so i hear, its like you wanted attention or meaning
the words say something godly, but now you want my
let’s hear their side
while i saw something else, yes i know what i saw.
they’re resisting redemption, its all a race to erase
your answers
while you’re fleing the questions
like a monster we crawl, like a monster we crawl
like a monster we crawl, like a monster we cant find

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