salmon is not a colour lyrics – ennui breathes malice

vanity has too long punished all those that crave respect

yet you adorn your useless name with disgrace!
you will not like, what i have to say….
you’ll take offence to every word i say – your greed for
it makes us sick! it makes me sick….
buy her a drink, go take a dance, tap that *rs*!
buy me no drink – sip your own shame!
buy her a drink, tap another *rs* – sip your own f*cking
his heart now drops and shatters; could the shards cut
her throat to settle him down?
and would the pieces puncture our lungs to drain all our
lives of pride again?
it makes us sick – you make me wish that girls were
before i spit, i will flip – i will flip that collar down
pastelle shades lie – liar!
it makes me sick….
you make me wish girls were clever….
before i flip your collar down, i will spit in your face
– pastelle shades lie!

/ ennui breathes malice lyrics