safe sex lyrics – erick sermon

have some s*x
safe s*x
word ’em up

okay it’s time for some action
a little p*ssion some booty waxin’
for the bozac make sure he’s strapped
and if baby got back then yo we with that
call up a few people on the phone
yo we’re havin’ a party at my private home
some bring some chronic plus some brew
call up your girl and invite her too
come active and bring purple lactives
’cause we’re gonna get more busy than gymnastics
and do the humpty hump all night
so when you come with the boy, make sure you’re right
it’s nine o’clock, party starts at ten
so enough for now, i’ll talk to you then
later, huh, i’ll see you when you get here
and make it quick, ah yeah
time for some safe s*x

safe s*x
safe s*x
safe s*x
we all need (safe s*x)

ding dong, there goes the bell
i opened up the door and oh, what the h*ll
it was a buncha n*gg*s standin’ by my door
i said come in, but respect my floor
that means take off your shoes and englands
’cause i’m a gentleman, some say distinguished

all of y’all put your things up in the kitchen
and the rest of y’all sit down and listen
be free and relax in what you’re wearin’
let’s all be happy like bobby mcferrin
and get loose and produce the funky juice
and let’s swing this sh*t like they swing a forty deuce
they want some reggae, like some flex
time to have s*x
and it’s all night, so turn off the light
and let’s get high as a kite
and have safe s*x


somebody say s*x (s*x)
say safe s*x (safe s*x)
i love it (i love it)
i need it (i need it)

but for real, when you’re havin’ s*x
no matter what type, make sure you wear the latex
to all of the cons out there s*xin’
stop and look, boy, you’re stressed out protection
cause aids is real and something to beleive
or not make-beleive and fake like hair weave
a death wish like charles bronson
and if you don’t beleive me then ask magic johnson
about the s*x


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