saboteur lyrics – jethro tull

in and out of shady places
walking on cold corners of the maze
(of the maze)
following the trace you leave unwittingly
i wanna be no saboteur
oh no, me no saboteur

painted ducks across your landscape
happy in your domesticity
(it don’t come free)
misfortune, like a sparrow hawk, hangs over you
wanna be no saboteur
no, no, me no saboteur

deepest regrets i humbly offer you
as i cut into your life
with clean precision, all is simplified
p*ss the hat and p*ss the knife

by now you must be worried, wondering
who is me and what lies behind my art
(behind my art)
i’m only removing broken sea sh*lls from the beach
oh no, me no saboteur

there’s at least one of me inside your ranks
in your factory or school
i antic*p*te a cleansing opportunity
to take the h*rns by the bull

history forever writing
pages to be cut or painted gray
or celebrated like jesus in his
temple rage as he chased the money men away

i wanna be no saboteur
i wanna be no saboteur
i wanna be no saboteur
i wanna be no saboteur
you wanna be my saboteur

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