rude boy (skit) lyrics – cam’ron

[phone rings]
[cam’ron] h*llo
[jamacain male] yo dis cam’ron
[cam’ron] yo who dis
[jamacain male] yo what the blood-clot u mean who dis, yo bregerin word roun here is ya f*ck de pum pum star
[cam’rom] yo pum pum
[jamacain male] what do u mean thats my pum pum dats my gyal ya dig out her stomac star u betta watch your self star m*ssive ne play games
[cam’ron] whats your pum pum dog
[jamacain male] yo bregerin me naw go tell u again star dat a my p*ssy u fe leave, yo u betta watch u self, self
[cam’ron] who da f*ck is you talkin bout dog, what are you talkin’ ’bout now
[jamacain male] bregerin word roun ye se is ya mingle with mi ting star me na take dem type of tings star strait up and down bregerin
[cam’ron] yo kiss my *ss blood-clot
[jamacain male] alright bregerin watch when i kick it star [cam’ron laughing] nuf tings a gwan
[cam’ron] get off da b*tch d*ck f*ck da b*tch man she on my d*ck anyway why you callin me about a girl dats on my d*ck rasta
[jamacain male] yo bregerin rude boy shotas ne play with dem queens star
[cam’ron] wait, wait, wait rude boy shotas u done see shotas n u done call me with dis jamacian sh*t get the f*ck out of here man
[jamacain male] well den f*ck off boy [cam’ron laughing] watch when u f*ck up boy tings a pop your dis respectin m*ssive me na take dat lightly
[cam’ron] get the f*ck out of here

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