roses lyrics – ian janis

she never had too much of money
friendly strangers were all she knew
n*body ever came to call but you
i would not say she isn’t happy
though the eyes of a fool
will make her blue
n*body’s ever seen the tears
it’s true
i guess n*body wanted to

we’ll have a celebration
ice cream and candy cakes
she’s very young to go
so far away
and then there’ll be the papers
in black and white
to say we’re through
n*body every loved me
quite like you
i guess n*body wanted to

and there’ll be roses
in the springtime still
i guess there will
i wish her roses and song
and she’ll be older
as years go by,
and how they fly
will she be lonely
without me along?

she doesn’t make friends easily
she’s only known a few
the incidental stranger
p*ssing through
on sundays and holidays
i’ll take her far away
we never tried to save
the love we knew
i guess n*body wanted to

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