roses and butterflies lyrics – making april

i can see where you are
i can tell you’re enjoying it so far
i would love to escape, but now i’m bound
by the of burn of your eyes
looking on as i’m starting to realize
i’m a p*wn in your game and this is checkmate
as the roses lift their heads to catch
a glimpse of my demise
you’ll be throwing lies around
like ocean waves throw down the tides
and they are breaking on my sh*r*
and the rescue team won’t save me now
i’m out too far

so i’ll waste these nights for a while
but i’ll be holding onto you forever
and this is where my heart is cold and torn

as i read the words you wrote last night
the b*tterflies are creeping through my spine

it’s a thrill i can’t shake
yeah i know we’ve been writing a mistake
but it’s hard to erase the feelings i’ve drawn
i was caught in an awkward silence
broken down by the sound of your prelude
that you played
to open our symphony
i’ve been sleeping with the sunrise watching hours p*ss away
incidentally i’m just waiting for the dusk to kill the day
but now i’m waiting for your call
while i bang on this piano like you care at all

* chorus *
as i hear the words you’re saying tonight
i’m falling for them every single time

as the roses dip their heads a little
further to the ground
there’s a season change, and all the pinks and whites have turned to brown
will we make it through the fall
yeah are we gonna make it through this fall
‘cause i don’t wanna fall with you

i’m trying, we’re dying, yeahhh
i’m taken by your hope-filled lines
they’re well designed and dragging me along
i’ll be waiting for this chance and i’ll be gone

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