rollin’ on chrome lyrics – demetri yates

this a nitti beat
yo demetri yates, spirydaz puttin that work in.stayin fly, uhn lets get it.

(1st verse)
just bought a new ride,
my n*gg*z waitin outside,
standing next to my car, looking like it just been washed with tide,
cranked that n*gg* up,
told my friends don’t brang they cup,
cuz if i see a stain, i’m gone fu#k somebody up,
i mean look at it, it’s so clean,
number 1 machine,
got girls on the block shakin they tambourine,
my n*gg*z said djy lets h*t the club and get freaky wit some bad chicks,
and show some wannabe g’s don’t mess wit our clique.
them hataz see us pull up 2 the club shining,
and if they talk junk, it wont be suprising,
they know we got cheese,
say they can do better, i’m yellin n*gg* please,

u can catch us on the block rollin on chrome
jump out the ride smellin like we blowned
be in the club gettin me a redbone
take her for a ride, know it’s gone be on,
f*ck wit me n*gg*, imma bust ya dome.
know that i’m no joke when i’m rollin on chrome.2x

(2nd verse)
let me be specific, this is a new caddilac,
boy touch that, and ya a$$ gone get smacked,
i’m high n*gg*, know i just smoked a whole pack,
so when i see my car i better not see a scratch,
see i had to trade my old mishibishi lancer,
cuz it looked like it had car cancer,
no it’s no such thing, but i need an anwser,
why u rollin in that hooptie, that doesnt’t make a real man sir,
bet u when u in the club, girls wont think u is a good dancer,
i know that i’m fly man,
i’m so high i feel like i’m in the sky man,
but this ride make me feel so good, i don’t care if i’m high man,
but don’t still my purple, unless u wanna die man,
u gotta love this vehicle, it the best thang in the state,
i know u wish u had a car stereo wit so much b*ss,
but u don’t got good taste,
i see why u hate,
keep tryna diss a playa watch i re- arange yo face.
i know that u can’t keep a car so beutiful,
i know that this neon must be so new to ya,
u can’t find a car so suitable,
see wat being dumb do to ya,
that’s why me and my n*gg*z are true to the,
way that we roll so that’s why stay schoolin ya,

(hook) 2x

(3rd verse)
look at the paint,
look at the rims,
see me pushing on the gas wit my new tims,
i know that this car,
looks shiny as a star,
but i hope i don’t wreck it cause i just got drunk at a bar,
please take a picture of this caddilac grill,
watch how i pull to the curb, wit my such driving skills,
cops just told me to pull over,
and i droved off,
the cops try to catch and got smashed by a bull dozer,
hope that n*gg* aint about to go off,
even though i don’t know who was controlling that n*gg*,
but i’m glad i got home wit out a scratch go figure.

(hook) 2x

kids don’t do drugs, please, it’s just a song, it’s fiction, there’s no such thing as purple, peace

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