rollertop lyrics – brent kirby

janie writes her name in sparklers
blue firecracker eyes
she’s all dressed up like christmas
but it’s the 4th of july
confetti strings and the guilt it brings so plainly
viewed in sight
me and my beauty gonna spin the tilt a whirl at the
carnival tonight

tattoo wish on skin
leaves a permanent impression
this girl gone like a glacier
leaves a melting depression
i had no idea this arrow could go so far beneath the e
paper plans don’t make it real
if it’s where you gotta be

pull the switch for the summer
hey we got a runner we ain’t ever gonna stop!

still working hard for a living
you know someday that we’re all gonna die
and we pay our price
pay it every day
just to try and feel alive
with these fireflowers falling
got me thinking i just might
take my chances on last time again
on the ferris wheel tonight

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