right n wrong way lyrics – plies

yea n*gg* i’m a ghetto n*gg*
i’m getto fabalous just cause we ghetto fabalous dat don’t mean
we ain’t got a teaderoni n*gg* u kno wat i’m sayin
we ain’t finna flex 4 a bunch of n*gg*s
we flex with a bunch of hoes u kno wat i’m sayin
cause we luv da ladies n*gg*
slip n slide 1 time n*gg*
city limit 1 time n*gg*
casper hitman grapestreet 1 time n*gg*
it’s goin down baby dis how we do it man
coolrunnins man we run dis sh*t newvalut man
1 time 4 da ladies i luv ya’ll baby

[chorus: x2]
ders a right n a way 2 f*ck me baby
a right way 2 f*ck me baby u luv me right oooo

[verse 1:]
i been hustlin all day
i’m fresh out da streets
last thang i need is sumbody who kno how 2 f*ck me
wantcha 2 give 2 me baby until we fall alsleep
n leave da lights on 4 me cause i lik 2 peek
i wanna look n yo face while u ride me
n wen u slide down on it baby go deep
u breathin hard yo legs shakin cause da gettin weak
i gotcha moanin na cause u can’t speak
i gotta so wet u leakin on da sheets
wantcha 2 slow it down 4 me ain’t ready 2 skeet
n i can stay here all nite with u on top on me
2 freaks 2gether baby dats how it’s suppose 2 b

[chorus x2]

[verse 2:]
lay on ya stomach 4 me n push dat azz up
n just relax 4 me lettme do all da work
but wen i say throw it just make dat azz turk
n ain’t gon punish u rite na i’m a take it easy 1st
i ont wantcha 2 run from me so i’m a grab your curves
n i’m a stay back here baby until u catch urs
i kno i’m n ya gud cause i jus felt cha jerk
n how u moanin i don’t no if it feel gud or if it hurts
but how u throwin @ me i kno it’s a gud hurt
just watchin ya azz move it make me wanna brust
but i already told cha i’m a letcha u c*m 1st
n as we stick baby sounds lik u c*min girl
na baby hold on while i beatcha girl
gon head n let it go i c yo toes curl
n na ya shakin baby i kno it’s ova girl
na we don both came we n our on world

[chorus x2]

i told ya da only thang u had 2 do was give da p*ssy 2 a real n*gg*
i told ya i gotcha baby plies n slip n slide records another cl*ssic baby

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