richie dagger’s crime lyrics – germs

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richie dagger’s crime
(1: 55)
chorus: i’m richie dagger
i can stomp and swagge
i can take on all your heroes
i’m richie dagger
i’m young and i’m haggard
the boy that n*body owns
he sits in his corner
like a child despised
a crazy sort of cast comes
over his eyes-
that’s richie dagger’s crime
he’s the sort of a boy that was
never much loved
his idea of fun was society’s grudge-
that’s richie dagger’s crime
his life was such a mess
and his friends weren’t
quite the best
we’re vision rapers and
we seed the signs
you’ll play your part in the master mind
middle: we lead the science
we deal in riots
we play by ideal time
we’re a gov’ment fix
all social convicts
watch the rhymes


bleed your heart out-that’s all it’s worth
before you ever start-and we planned it first
forget the turth-accept your cure

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