reverse running lyrics – atoms for peace

i’m reverse running
doesnt mean anything
running yeah?
why did you even ask
i forgot who i am
the snakes are calling

lets go/mistakes to the dam haha
all things you shouldnt ask
but you see through me
it doesnt mean anything
i’m reading this play thing
i’m reverse running
running couldnt get you anyway
pulling in your everyways
messing up
messing up the balance
breaking at your victory
all the tires in the factory
why y’all lay down x2
im skipping that through the tapes
skipping through the ad breaks

i’m god in heaven
if it makes you feel energized
all hands are sanitzed
and we; ll search on
running couldnt get you anyway (ch)
burning up the anyways
jump back round

im reversing
im reverse running
falling in the horses feet
all the feelings that you shouldnt see
animal are burnedx2
we’re in a slowmotion
this sh*t is gonna mess me up

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