revenge of the prophet (part v) lyrics – jeru the damaja

well prophet, it seems like you’re in a bit of a jam
i hope you can unstick yourself
oh, and what you did to my wife
it was nothing, i have others
the saga continues
it’s been a while since i escaped the library
fightin’ ignorance every day, it’s gettin’ weary
when i think i got him, he pulls a slip on me
and there’s so many soldiers in his fiendish *ss army
one of the fiercest, is this n*gg* named tricknology
the last time we met, he got the drop on me
sh*t happens so fast he even got some of my family
blasted my way up out the building when i catch him, i’ma kill him
track him uptown, where i hear he’s lyin’ to children
1 2 5th’s the stop, go outside i hear gunshots run up the block
greedy lou’s dead in front of the materialistic crack spot
trick’s yellin’ out, “this is my block”
i would’ve hit him, but i didn’t have a clear shot
an innocent bystander might get popped
d*mn, a small thang ’cause the prophet still can’t be stopped
what? that’s right, this is my motherf*ckin’ life
tricknology, you know what i’m sayin’?
you know me, you can’t front on me
i’m in a f*cked up position but if he squeezes again, i’ma lift ’em
a few seconds later now here comes the siren
oh sh*t, it’s the pork chop patrol their on ignorance’s payroll
and they only came to hold
tricknology down, scoop greedy lou off the ground
throw him in the back of a truck one yells
‽what the f*ck n*gg* ya lookin’ at? now get the f*ck outta here”
then i get that feeling that i feel when danger is in the air
then out of nowhere one yells out, “the prophet’s over there”
immediately following mad lead is in the air
pigs are all posted up like they knew i’d be here
through in the back and forth my gun gets lost
but i managed to get one high powered thought off
i split 6 pigs that got sawed off
as their bodies break south i proceed to break north
now sh*t is lookin’ dim and you’d think all maybe lost
but the prophet won’t go out at any cost
you can never stop the prophet
unit’s 1 and 2, unit’s 1 and 2 the prophet has been sighted
if you see him kill him
can’t a d*mn thing stop me
i head toward the train station
my force did stop most of the ammunition
still i need medical attention
but i’m not b*tchin’, gettin’ ignorance is my mission
all of a sudden greedy lou comes creepin’
around the corner talkin’ ’bout prophet you’re a gonner
we knew you followed trick uptown because you wanna
get rid of ignorance but that don’t make no sense
he runs the world i know this from experience
why don’t you come and work wit us
you’ll see the boss’ game is nice
that night greedy lou died twice
now i’m wanted, pork chop patrol has a warrant
but that still can’t stop the prophet
here ye, here ye
the court of ignorance is now in session
we, judge and the jury find the prophet
guilty in the murder of greedy lou
one of our close personal homeboys
so for that the sentence is death
when you find him execute him

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