return lyrics – dragon

on the other side of heaven – brightness
magnificent light goes on
i have left my body motionless
some people mourn for it
they can’t understand real freedom
they weep for my prison, the cage of soul
the pictures of life shows the p*ss
the pieces of life i’ve lived over
i’m going to the place full of love
the place i know i have seen
i’m energy
i’m a thought
but something i’ve lost
darkness disturbs to my thoughts
wonderful light is dying
something is pulling me down
i can see my cage
i’m energy
i’m thought
i can see those people
i can feel uneasiness
that restrain my energy
i can feel the pain of thoughts
they don’t cry
i’m in my body again
wounded body
suffering body
why i had to return?
why i couldn’t stay?
i’ve returned to my body
wounded body
why i had to return
i’m energy
but i’ve lost something

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