retribution lyrics – letter to the exiles

when will it end?
i’ve been calling your name for days.
were you a lie? can you even hear my voice?
do my words fall on deaf ears?
is this my reckoning?
i’ve been dreading this day for so long, it’s finally
found me.
all my sins, past regrets, are catching up to me.
this is the last thing i wanted.
where’s the justice in this?
there is no one to blame but myself so take me.

i was the d*mned.
she was the innocent victim.
i was the d*mned.
i am the d*mned. so take me.

redemption is within your reach, open your eyes and see.
hold onto hope. stand up and claim your kingdom.
it’s time to rise and disown your shame.
you can leave it all at the cross.
there is peace when you live in the kingdom.
now you’ve been freed of this guilt as we rebuke the
the pain, the chains that hold you down.
no more retribution.
now i can hear your voice sing, it’s the sound of
oh, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.

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