reflexions in the light lyrics – buried dreams

me and her so alone…
and light of stars was in your hair
and in the fade a light was seen
of stars in shadow glimmering
i walked alone and sorrowing in the silent forest listening
enchantmenthealed my lonely heart
by light of moon and ray of star
all across our feelings never knowing where we are
two fires apart but so near together now
through your eyes i see the flame
you disappear in a moment of light
a dark light shadows me
this flame will burn in me lightning…
watching all my life p*ssing by like a neverending dream
i am dying all alone with n*body at my side
life sometimes is really strange
when winter p*ssed she came again
we do things we do not want to
one by one fell on the ground and in the end we begin to like them
and in the end she called my name at loud
when you were by my side i loved you like i never did
now that you are far away i am dying all alone
there is n*body in my heart but your sad memory
reflexions in the light
a call beyond the dark
the pain that, that i’ve been through
your lies, now beg for your life
‘cause now for you,the time has come
to die
die forgett all my words
the end has come for you
the dark will take your soul
and you will rest in pain

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