reflections on me lyrics – golden smog

verse one:
[c] if we were just a [g]little smarter
[dm] wouldn’t be such [g]fire starters
[c] then you wouldn’t [g]have to put me [dm]out [g]
[c] if times were just a [g]little kinder
[dm]carry you as a [g]reminder
[c]as is, you [g]say you’ve got some [dm]doubts [g]

chorus i:
[dm] you say you’re looking [g]through me
[c]you don’t [c/b]like what you [am]see
but i [dm]swear
it’s [g]only reflections on [fm]me
[ c | g | dm | g ]

verse two:
seeing through a two-way mirror
looking back it’s all a little clearer
or just the line-up of your life
all day long you put ’em through their paces
late at night haunted by their faces
darkness fades into the morning light

chorus ii:
you say you’re looking through me
scared of the things that you see
but i swear
it’s only reflections on me

[bb]one more time for old times
come with [f]me
just [bb]one last time for all times
[dm]seeing you just the [g]same way
different[c]ly [ csus4 | c ]

verse three:
could have been a little smarter
shouldn’t have been such fire starters
fires they always burn out

repeat chorus ii

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