reflections (i remember) [new mix] lyrics – mary j. blige

i remember [x7]

[verse 1:]
back before
the record deal
and the cars
and the cribs
and the way
that things
took off
i was signin’
at lucy’s
on 1-25th
just tryin’
my best
to get on
back when
me and puff
and b.i.g.
was kids
and i knew
i was young
and tough
and fresh in love
and it was
all a dream
signing a contract
no guiding light
just hopin’ i
i can get out
the projects
and get my
family right
’cause they
were my life
in red zones
in bentley’s
you can
catch me
tryna do me
i was jaded
on the block
i coulda faded
on the block
but i made it
off the block
and i

i remember
back when
i didn’t know
which way
to live
i remember
back when
pain was
all i had
to give
the reflections
of my life
i see the
lessons that i’ve learned
and now i know
heartbreak don’t exist
when it’s been
torn apart
by love

[verse 2:]
i use to
throw a fit
i use
to shed
a doubt
and blame it
on a man
but that
was mary than
and this is
mary now
you gotta understand
it’s about
how we
respect ourselves
and the men
have no control
of our self-esteem
and when
we see that
then we can
let go


now i made
some mistakes
i lost some
friends along
the way
but i don’t
carry it
’cause it
made me
a better chick
its my life
and i know
that there’s
more for
me to see
i may not be
what i’m
suppose to
but i can
tell you right now
i ain’t what
i use to be


i remember [x7]

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