rednecks rule really hard lyrics – dawn of the dude

she drank my beer
and that is totally gay
the f*cking b*tch is gonna die of third degree carpet burns
omfg and she just lol’s i’m gonna bomb her house then jump on my trampoline
she drank my beer, cause she’s a total f*g.
her mom’s a teacher and her dad’s a dance
i drive a truck, and it’s totally rad someone kill her dead
she drank my beer.
oh god dude today has been the worst day ever
woke up, tad bit hungry, b*lls kinda itching
i woke up to realize that…
she drank my beer
and i hope she gets herpies
ewww nasty
she killed a deer
green peace and peta are f*gs
so drink my m*th*r f*ckin urine sample
she killed a deer!

you drank my beer that’s not cool
do it again, you’ll f*cking die

she drank my beer, she killed a deer, she’s such a queer, emo sucks *ss
you’re a f*g, i need a napkin, canada sucks, it should be called canamerica

f*ckin’ sh*t, (you big fat f*ckin b*st*rd)
life, life is so hard.
sometimes, life. it gets so hard.
sprite, diet rite, macaroni and cheese, chef boyrdy
life, is all we have, so life, be good to me.
be good, to me.
you suck!!!!

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