rebuilding the ruins lyrics – images of eden

“temples and ivory towers that once stood tall
now lie in ruin
with shattered icons and broken dreams
here they are… the servants”

on this day when all our heroes have fallen
justice has become a fading memory
one day our stones will shatter your gl*ss castle walls
when time and the elements have taken their toll

frozen hearts, so enslaved
a dying wish only to be free
blood of the life forsaken

mutiny breeds as we awaken from this dream
but the usurpers are still playing god
justice will soon end their reign over our world
dreaming through the years our voices would be heard…

tell me who will wear my crown of th*rns today?
will we ever be saved or…
are we destined to drown in our own misery?
don’t let go, never let go
i’m not sorry for dying

prayer brought another hero
with strength beyond our years
putting faith in his name
will end the tyranny today

rebuilding the ruins

fallen sand castles and broken clay soldiers
lie before me on this warm spring day
now tables are turned, and life is breeding justice
retribution only a heartbeat away

what once were ruins are again towers standing tall
rebirth for the ones who deserve
time will heal all wounds
but only faith can rebuild our ruins
rebuilding the ruins

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