rape culture lyrics – fleshgrind

deep in the rainforest of brazil
a tribe of fornicators
the raping ceremony from long ago

to violate the newborn
once the infant is out of the womb
the village starts to line up

the baby is raped everyday of his birth
until the day of his death
the elder f*ck the younger ones
the young ones rape the elder

primitive perversions
retarded children are being born
abuse the mother after labor

all they do is rape and f*ck
orally… *n*lly… incest…
sodomoize the tribal chief

*n*lly invade the ugly wife
pull her by the f*cking hair
jam a d*ck into her mouth

listen to her gurgle c*m
like the f*cking wh*r* she is
brutally raped by your best friend
ambushed by behind, the b*st*rd

what can you do it’s tradition?
beat and gang raped by four others
taking turns while they’re laughing

but you know their days are coming
it’s a lovely young girl’s day
when the village takes their turn

they tie her to a wooden post
she starts to scream
she’s knocked unconscious
and then probed with a fist

starts to bleed profusely
from her tight little *ss
raping… f*cking… it’s tradition, can’t escape it
rape culture

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