raining on sunday lyrics – dewpoint blank

maybe tomorrow you’ll breathe off the words i said
lets never let a night end in tears again
i’ll scream every word and try hard not to mess them up
’cause i’ve learned every lesson, they say is “just growing up”

the cold night is here don’t let me go she said
look into my eyes nothing has ever felt so real
wipe off your eyes ’cause the sun will come up
let go of old lies we’re just growing up

stay the same and if we fall….then we fall together
stay with me this night will show you just how much this means

i don’t want it to come up tonight..
i don’t want to have to say goodbye..
i just want you to breathe my neck i don’t care if i swallow my tongue
its okay to be tongue tied sometimes..
its okay to find comfort in different things.
take this knife to my heart..it bleeds for you now..

take my heart in your hands and you’ll see that it bleeds for you
all stained with red you know that it bleeds for you

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