ragnarok lyrics – gwar

to die
perchance to sin
that’s the rub
for in that sleep of sin
what, what kingdom may come?
what of the limitless s*x and violence in the wake of ragnarok

welcome to the slaughter
what are going to do?
what will be your epitaph
when we get done with you?
are you gonna cry for your momma
are you gonna have a good time?
are you gonna be a bohab
when it’s your turn to die?

it all gets pretty crazy
bedlam all around
anarchy, chaos rule the street
tt’s a ragnarok party town!

your head it is a turnin’
your brain it is a burnin’
as your sanity slips away
the final hour’s here
now grab yourself a beer
you’re only king for one day
go on and get a gun
we’re gonna have some fun
snuffin’ out some fools
and breakin’ all the rules
the only rule is winnin’
that means a lot of sinnin’
sinnin’ feels so fine
you’re running out of time!

it’s always one h*ll of a party
when ragnarok rolls around
ragnarok n roll
ragnarok n roll
it’s time to trash the planet
ragnarok battleground

welcome to valhalla
do not be afraid
now you are a zombie
and all your friends are dead
it all gets rather naughty
when we get backstage
everybody take a load off
i hope you’re underage

whip out your bologna
you’re feeling mighty h*rny
and you wanna have one more chance
looking for a lubbah
no need to where a rubbah
have a ragnarok n roll romance
go on and find somebody and get them really bl**dy
peelin’ and a porkin’, dealin’ and a dorkin’
chokin’ and a jokin’, laffin’ and a load’n
load in lot of fun
hurry now you’re running out of time!

dust to dust

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