punkinhed lyrics – boondox

you cannot even envision in the darkest cathoclisms
of your f*cking mind as its throws you into aneurysms
it’s got your blood clotting and your f*cking veins rotting
the very sound of my name has got you grave plotting
cause i was brought into this wold up on a mission
and a voodoo ritual got my f*cking *ss up and kicking
and high stepping bout to turn this b*tch red
coming up out the ground just like the return of the living dead
i’m feigning for your brains and i’m as sick as the fever
try to f*ck with a monster you better leave it to beaver
cause i’m coming for your life you been marked by the beast
i’m going to eat your f*cking soul so be prepared to be deceased

close your eyes turn around
and say my name
a drop of blood on the ground
for every drop of pain
no turning back now it’s done
everything is said
i am evil
i am pain
i am the punkinhed

thirty seven years cold and resting in the pieces
skin falling off the bone and maggots stuck in the creases
got me feeling p*ssed off and on some whole other level
now i’m summoned from h*ll to do the work of the devil
a crucifix in my pocket from another place and time
i was found but now i’m lost
i could see but now i’m blind
blinded to the fact i’ll never walk inside the light
now i wait inside the darkness til i’m called out by the night
i’m a f*cking nursery rhyme on the school playground
jumping rope throwing rocks little kids play round
screaming out my name pray not to wake up dead
put a cross on your front door to keep away the punkinhed


cross my heart and hope to die
please stick a needle in my eye
to keep me blinded to the sight
when punkinhed appears tonight


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